Friday, May 16, 2014

A New Beginning

The Red Panda Cult has fallen upon tough times. Membership numbers have been reduced to a mere one, a third consecutive AGM has not come into fruition and there haven't been any eventful YouTube videos for a long while. In fact, the RPC has almost ceased to exist and my own face resembles that of a Depressed Panda:

Well, without the cuteness and the fluffiness and the amazing pointed ears. A respite was provided at Bronx Zoo in New York where one red panda provided action. Yet another Sleepy Panda rested nearby. However, this was sullied by irritating locals and their propensity to take foul creatures like chihuahuas close to enclosures. As such, recruitment has been at an all time low. Sadly it appears that too few 'people' appreciate and respect the charm, nobility and uniqueness of our, or indeed my beloved brothers and sisters of the Himalayas.

In short, I haven't been able to scam my way to Nepal or China. Not everyone believes
Ailurus fulgens to be an anagram of 'gullible'. Although terribly disheartening there are positives. The red panda remains a special source of joy to only a few of us, it is unlikely to ever cross into mainstream consciousness like those sell-out meerkat bastards. This is most definitely a good thing and is why I formed a cult as opposed to a foundation. Well, that and the hopes of fleecing individuals.

At this juncture therefore, the RPC is at a crossroads. Will an AGM work using the company of only my Toy Panda Marco? How can we gain new members without having to brave idiotic zoo crowds? What is the point of the Red Panda Cult..? These are all troubling, difficult questions which I have pondered long into the night. Thanks must go to Marco who has given comfort in these stressful and upsetting times: Thanks Marco.

Some issues remain unanswered but it is with relief that I can announce a new direction for the RPC. This website will still be the base for all things panda related but we will branch out to admire and promote otherwise unmentioned or unknown species. In coming months there will be news, videos, photos, ramblings of and on various bastions of the animal kingdom (and YouTube). One or two may even be kind enough to offer diary entries.

In turn, I will also be able to discuss wildlife which admittedly face greater traumas than red pandas and take aim at the scum bags who have forced them to the brink of extinction. The RPC will begin a new age of enlightenment, amusement and productivity and joining red pandas will be the likes of the honey badger, the sloth, slow loris, meerkat Sumatran rhino, sun bear, 101 lemur species and a whole lot more. What do all of these beasts have in common..? No, not that they're mammals. They're all far preferable to human beings

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