Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Definitive YouTube Top Ten

This has honestly been of the most difficult tasks I have ever faced. I haven’t climbed any mountains but I’d imagine that rating YouTube’s red panda videos is similar. Maybe not Everest, but I’d say of at least Kilimanjaro proportions.

For any smart arses out there who might mention a lack of oxygen when ascending to such altitudes, try hyperventilating after laughing for such a long succession of videos. Oh, you want to complain about your legs aching? Try having the muscles in your face hurt from grinning so much. Thankfully being such a well conditioned, experienced athlete in this particular field, recovery should take mere weeks. You? Just be grateful you haven’t had to endure such an arduous, traumatic journey and enjoy digesting the fruits of my labour instead...

10) "You win this time..."

9) When two Ronsils collide.

8) The only one made an Android App.

7) Just a baby bowlin'.

6) Think you can escape me? You better think again.

5) Perhaps the greatest solo performance ever seen.

4) Pandas + Alcohol = Adorable.

3) My only worry is that it appears to have an itchy head.

2) Revenge is a dish best served... Cute.

1) This truly has everything. It is the 'Citizen Kane' of panda videos.

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